Hudson Parkin

Hudson Parkin
For nearly 20 years, Hudson has drawn much of her inspiration from the landscape around her home on the Sussex coast. Her expressive and beautiful seascapes transport us to a world in which land, sea and sky merge into a powerful vision of movement and light and while the location may be ambiguous, the sense of peace and wonder is completely clear.
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Hudson Parkin Biography

Hudson was initially inspired to paint by a
period of living in Cornwall where the rugged coastal landscape and the magical
sense of history cast its spell. North Cornwall continues to hold a place in
her heart and is often portrayed in her artworks, but her soul is drawn to all
the wild haunting parts of our coastline and she is looking forward to
venturing North later in the year. Her aim is to capture the rhythm and
movement of the sea or the energy of a moment or a view – ‘the sound of waves
on rocks’ - whilst leaving some elements open to the interpretation of the
viewer. She believes passionately that painting is a reflection of personal
experiences and the work which emerges from this approach is captivating and

Working in her seafront studio, or out on location, Hudson applies paint to
canvas with palette knives and both ends of her brushes and achieves a style
which is immediately recognisable. Treading an intriguing line between realism
and abstraction, she utilises some unusual tools and techniques such as
scraping with newspaper or rags, as she builds her composition with
multi-layered impasto mark making. There is a depth of colour and an exploratory
tone which sometimes refers to the sea, the landscape, or the flora she
discovers when she is out walking, but on occasion these elements are obscured
when she eschews reality and paints more from her own peaceful centre.

With her work on show in galleries throughout
the South of England, Hudson has come to the notice of many influential
individuals such as international interior designer Katharine Pooley. They have
been purchased by many celebrities in recent years, including Karen Millen and
Jack Dee, and have been auctioned many times raising thousands for many cancer
“I always aspire to give each painting a sense of space and to convey an energy
and rawness; I allow the painting to be open to interpretation by the viewer.
Each painting is a journey, an exploration of the physicality of paint and
canvas, a suggestion rather than an appearance of a particular place.”

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