Michael F. Rumsby

Discover the captivating work of Michael F. Rumsby, a talented artist who finds inspiration in the landscapes and interiors that he occupies.  Based in Saussignac, a picturesque village in the Southwest of France, Rumsby’s work often centres on and reflects the beauty and tranquillity of the plethora of vistas he encounters on a daily basis, often storing them in his memory for later use in the studio at his French property where he creates much of his work.  

He travels extensively in search of new inspirations, fresh colours and varying light conditions as part of his constant exploration of the world around us that he describes as his ‘artistic life source.’

Using a vibrant array of mixed media including acrylic, oil, pencil, charcoal, pastels and ink, Rumsby creates vital world of colour and light on canvas. Each highly-textured artwork is composed of multiple layers, and the expressive brushwork results in a dynamic and vivid depiction of a sunlit world. Explore Michael F. Rumsby art.

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“I first visited the French Riviera as a Gitane-smoking art student in 1987. The memory of waking upon that first morning, perched high above the tumbling rooftops of the town, shadows of shutter slats carved across the bed sheets, the smell of lilac rising like tiny Champagne bubbles racing from the terrace below, is vivid. The aroma of coffee beans and the hum of chatter from the Café de Paris; it all conspired to awaken my innocence and unwittingly shaped who I was to become.”

(Michael F. Rumsby)

Latest Limited editions

This beautiful pair of collectable editions perfectly capture happy summer memories with their expressive style and vibrant colour palettes. Let these evocative scenes transport you to breezy sea-view apartments adorned with fresh fruit and fragrant blooms…

Forbidden Fruit
Hand Finished Canvas Edition of 95


Borrowed Sundays
Hand Finished Canvas Edition of 95


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