Discover the extraordinary artistry of Ingo, where meticulous lines and mesmerizing details come together to create captivating visual masterpieces.

Ingo's unique technique sets him apart in the realm of architectural studies. While his work may initially appear as the precise strokes of drawn ink from a distance, a closer look reveals his unparalleled approach.

Unlike traditional methods, Ingo never directly touches the canvas with any tool. Instead, he pours paint freehand onto a horizontal canvas, skilfully layering dense lines that gradually unveil intricate details.

Experience the awe-inspiring creations of Ingo and immerse yourself in the intricate world he meticulously crafts.

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Ingo Biography

From a distance, Ingo’s work is often perceived as the crisp line of drawn ink – the traditional medium for architectural studies – but to approach the large-scale canvas more closely is to realise that his technique is unique.

Ingo never touches the canvas directly with any tool. He pours the paint freehand onto a horizontal canvas creating denser and denser lines until finally the details emerge. Gravity and the flowing paint form the connection between his hand and the canvas in place of a brush – a ‘fluid tool’. Once drawn no line can be corrected and with exceptional coordination the artist turns the challenge of control into a liberating process.

A highly successful architect, Ingo has worked for several years with the great Norman Foster (Lord Foster of Thames Bank), and this intertwining of disciplines adds symbiotic richness to both his art and his design.

He sources subject matter from his direct living environment, travels and architectural studies, constantly sketching and photographing the world, and these preliminary studies form the foundation of his painting.

Born in Germany but now living in London, Ingo has been at the forefront of contemporary architectural studies in paint since the early 1990s, and both his art and his architecture are world renowned.

“From my first drawings, and throughout my entire career in art, I have studied and practiced techniques in various media including pencil, charcoal, pastel, acrylics, oil, and sculpture. This constant interchange has been essential to increase my understanding and experience of techniques, and for me to explore new directions of expression in my art.”

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