Dylan Izaak

Dylan Izaak has carved a distinctive niche in the realm of cityscape paintings, captivating art enthusiasts throughout Britain. Employing a unique technique on aluminium, Izaak begins with a precise sketch and then swiftly overlays it with dynamic strokes, infusing the artwork with a sense of spontaneity. Through this process, he explores architectural elements, amplifies points of interest, and, in his own words, 'liberates' the image.

Izaak's unconventional cityscapes prompt viewers to embrace a fresh perspective and reimagine the world around them. With a contemporary flair, his artwork offers a captivating glimpse into urban life. Immerse yourself in the artistic realm of Dylan Izaak.

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Dylan Izaak Biography

Dylan Izaak’s unique approach to cityscape paintings has made a huge impact on art lovers across Britain.

His idiosyncratic view of undulating skylines, famous buildings and busy metropolitan scenes encourages us to look at the world around us with new eyes, and offers a distinctive contemporary take on urban life.

Dylan spent his early years travelling between England and Australia. His creative path reflected this unusual childhood, as he began his artistic career by seeking out interesting buildings around the world to draw in his highly personal style. Back in England he forged an enviable reputation and his high impact images are now collected all over the world. His status was reflected when he was invited to join an elite group of Official BT Olympic Artists for 2012.

Working on aluminium, Dylan creates an accurate sketch then draws over the top at speed to almost liberate the image – as he says, to allow for ‘happy accidents’ - then reworks the drawing many times until he likes what he sees. This means that although each piece is created with meticulous care and attention, they retain a strong sense of immediacy and spontaneity. He then begins the painstaking process of painting gloss paints into each individual shape that he has made. Once the whole piece is coloured he draws all the lines back on top with black paint. This time consuming process takes an average of 100hrs work for each piece.

“I like to see objects not as one complete entity, but rather as the sum of their parts. This is how I approach my own artwork, exaggerating certain features of buildings and giving them a twist here and there to accentuate the character that I see in it.”

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