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When talking about the world’s greatest and best-loved destinations the beautiful cities of Italy are sure to be amongst the favourites. Universally loved for their breathtaking scenery, architecture, history, culture, cuisine and, of course, Italian art in the country’s impressive galleries and museums, there is a lot to love in bella Italia.
For those of you who spend your days dreaming of sipping Aperol on the Amalfi Coast, visiting the villages of the Cinque Terre, finding fine art in Florence, reliving history in Rome or getting lost amongst the labyrinthine walkways of Venice, a little Italian wall art may be just the cure to keep you inspired until you next find yourself back on Italian soil.
Whether you are looking for a framed mixed media collage on canvas a la Tom Butler or Richard Burel or a limited edition abstract print from Nadia Cascini we have just the thing for you. Looking for a little Rome art or Venice art? Or even a little something from our Italian artists Antonio Sannino, Silvio Porzionato or Cascini? Look no further...
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