Andre Monet

Andre Monet, a Canadian artist, showcases his incisive pop-art style through expressive and captivating large-format collages and intricate dotted works, depicting the icons of our time.

With a deep exploration of our society's fascination with celebrity culture, Monet skilfully captures the intricate nature of individual personalities. Each artwork is layered with a mix of facts, fiction, and secrets, symbolizing the enigmatic figures they portray.

Every element within Monet's collages is carefully chosen and strategically placed. Whether it's a torn page, a map, a stamp, or a music sheet, each item contributes to a rich cultural foundation, resulting in meticulously crafted and truly arresting portraits.

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Andre Monet Biography

In his incisive pop-art style, Canadian artist André Monet portrays the icons of our time in expressive, large-format collages.

In the process of exploring our fascination with celebrity culture, he captures the complexity of individual personalities, layering each work with facts, fiction and secrets, a metaphor for the charismatic figures they represent.

Every element relates to the subject and the placement of each torn page, map, stamp or music sheet is meticulously planned to create a substantial cultural foundation on which to build a beautifully handcrafted and genuinely arresting portrait.

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