Lucy Pratt

Lucy Pratt

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Lucy Pratt, a talented artist whose personal passions shine through in every brushstroke. With a gentle sense of humour and a whimsical perspective that mirrors her own life, Lucy creates captivating and painterly works of art.

Lucy's art is a celebration of adventure, travel, people, and places that ignite her imagination. Her canvases burst with a symphony of colours, an interplay of light, and an infectious joie de vivre that is truly uplifting.

Discover the enchanting portfolio of Lucy Pratt's original paintings and embark on a visual journey that captures the essence of her artistic spirit. Let her artwork transport you to a world filled with wonder and delight.

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Lucy Pratt Biography

Lucy is one of the most celebrated artistic discoveries of recent times and has been the subject of many successful shows in the USA, the Far East and London.

Her uniquely vibrant and technically accomplished paintings have made a significant impact at the Royal Academy’s prestigious Summer Exhibition for several years, an enviable accolade that has brought her to the notice of critics and collectors.

Her personal passions are all in evidence in her work which is underpinned by a gentle sense of humour and a slightly whimsical take on a life which mirrors her own: brimming with adventure, travel, people and places. Her versatility embraces landscapes, still life and coastal scenes, all with equal vitality. Each painterly work resounds with colour, light and sheer joie de vivre, seeking out and capturing the particular joy of a given moment in a way that is both utterly enchanting and irresistibly infectious.

Lucy’s work shows an awareness of a world of artists who have gone before her. The bold and vibrant palette, simplified forms and reliance on intuition rather than conventions are all reminiscent of the Fauvists, and her preference for subjective emotions and responses rather than objective realism implies her interest in the Modern Expressionists. Yet the artists she admires are perhaps more kindred spirits than direct influences as her style, palette and quirky humour remains uniquely and recognisably her own.

However her work is categorised it has an immediacy and appeal that has won her considerable acclaim. Yet despite Lucy’s acknowledged status from the Royal Academy, her impressive array of collectors and her success in Mayfair and beyond, her paintings have the broadest possible appeal – her ‘Mottled Milkers’ was recently used on the front cover of ‘Cotswold Homes’ Magazine.

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