Campbell La Pun

Campbell La Pun

Campbell La Pun, an artist originally from New Zealand, currently resides and creates in the vibrant city of Tokyo. Situated at the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures, Tokyo pulsates with an exhilarating fusion of energy, colour, and light.

Immersed in "the original megacity," La Pun draws inspiration from its vivacity and channels it into his art, particularly through the lens of urban pop art. He seeks to capture the essence of the modern world by reflecting its aesthetics.

The bustling metropolis constantly bombards him with advertising, pop culture imagery, a dense population, and a cutting-edge economy. These diverse stimuli become a wellspring of ideas, which La Pun skilfully translates into stunning artworks on wood and canvas using meticulously crafted stencils and spray paints.

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Campbell La Pun Biography

Campbell La Pun's paintings inhabit and interpret a fast-paced urban environment infused with light, colour and popular culture. Using everything from meticulously crafted stencils to aerosol and acrylic paint on wood and canvas, he takes us careering through the modern world, his paintings reflecting the dizzying range of motifs, colours and forms that manifest themselves in the iconography and advertising images of the global marketplace.

La Pun was born in New Zealand, studied art in Melbourne Australia and now lives and works in Tokyo, which is often described as ‘the original megacity’. Its dense population, cutting-edge economy and eastern and western culture in this all intersect with an exhilarating sense of energy. He draws inspiration from this vibrant world and channels it into his work particularly through the lens of urban pop art.

Bombarded with advertising and pop imagery, la Pun displays a wide range of influences from Japanese anime cartoons to retro video games and iconic
movie characters. His work is now sold all over the world and he has an impressive list of private collectors and commissions. His influences include what he describes as  ‘all the legends’,  including Warhol and Basquiat, alongside Anthony Lister and Madsaki.

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