Uri Dushy

Uri Dushy: Sparking Imagination Through Dazzling Artworks

Uri Dushy, an acclaimed Israeli multidisciplinary artist, creates mesmerizing mixed media artworks that draw inspiration from movies spanning the 1960s and earlier, music, popular myths, and his own imagination. Incorporating imagery from advertising, comic books, and everyday cultural objects, Dushy engages in a dialogue with his audience, referencing renowned artists like Robert Indiana and Banksy. Through his art, he invites viewers to actively participate in the creative experience, igniting their imagination. Dushy's work not only challenges traditional artistic ideas but also masterfully embraces technical production processes, reflecting his surrealist influences and breaking free from conventional constraints.

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Uri Dushy Biography

Uri Dushy is an established Israeli multidisciplinary artist. His dazzling mixed media artworks are inspired by movies from up to and including the 1960s, music, popular myth and his imagination. Using imagery from popular and mass culture, such as advertising, comic books and mundane cultural objects, he references artists from Robert Indiana to Banksy to create a dialogue with his audience, enabling them to take part in the creative experience. As he says, “I want to spark the imagination of the viewer.”

Uri is concerned with provocatively challenging, mastering and adopting technical professional production processes, and this aim, combined with the his surrealist influences to detach from traditional artistic ideas and the constraints of convention. Each impressive high impact piece has a unique 3D metal cut out element which adds depth and gives a stencilled graffiti-esque feel to the overall composition. This feature also creates the impression that his work is ‘floating’ on the wall interacting with the light and shadow.

The extravaganza of riotous colours, witty homage, unexpected words and phrases and sometimes seemingly random groupings of subjects create a fascinating blend of artwork and message. As Uri says: “I want my art to help people become less judgmental when looking at life and to become more self-aware, to evoke curiosity – I believe this is an essential part of the artistic communication between the artist and viewer.”

Uri’s artworks are exhibited in galleries and museums and sold to private and corporate collectors worldwide. His public sculptures adorn the streets of numerous cities in Israel and he has been commissioned to create art installations for public spaces in countries from Poland to Singapore.

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