Craig Alan

Craig Alan's art seamlessly blends remarkable artistic vision, technical expertise, creativity, and wit.

Craig Alan's paintings capture the essence of famous faces, iconic landmarks, abstract concepts, and tributes to art history. These extraordinary artworks are meticulously crafted using dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of intricately painted exquisite figures.

Discover our collection of Craig Alan's original works and experience the beauty of unique, hand-finished Craig Alan prints. Witness how the harmonious interplay of small details can come together to create a magnificent masterpiece.

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Craig Alan Biography

Craig Alan’s complex and beautiful statement pieces combine technical skill, creativity, wit – and people. His
distinctive images portray iconic faces, buildings and abstracts through hundreds of intricately painted, exquisite figures, including family members, friends, celebrities and models, giving his work a uniquely personal touch. In their own way, they reflect his own highly recognisable take on life, where it is the small details that work together to create the big picture.

Alan is often in the headlines – most recently when he created his allegorical From the Ground Up (Phoenix Rising) in Atlanta, Georgia. At a monumental six storeys high, it embodies his hopes for Atlanta’s rebuilding amidst the challenges of today. Amongst the myriad figures he included Atlanta media mogul Ted Turner, Gone with the Wind author Margaret Mitchell, and a range of essential workers.

Craig also has a number of celebrity connections, such as with global music sensation Tom Walker who commissioned him to create the album cover for his first album, ‘What a Time to be Alive’, for which Tom went on to win British Breakthrough Act, at the 2019 Brit Awards. He was also asked by Avon to create a unique portrait of Emma Watson when she was named the most influential British female role model of the last 60 years for her impact as an actor and activist. The stunning tribute features hundreds of tiny, individually painted figures representing the women who have benefited from positive role models and includes miniature portraits of some of the other figures who made it onto the shortlist, Queen Elizabeth II, JK Rowling and Jess Ennis-Hill.

Alan was born in California but is now based in Atlanta.  He has exhibited his work across the United States to
great acclaim and is now making a significant impact on the UK market. He says: “My work reflects the fact that we are all part of something greater than ourselves.”

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