The Real Hackney Dave

Discover the artistic brilliance of Dave Buonaguidi, also known as The Real Hackney Dave. With a mastery of mass communication techniques, Dave creates captivating and thought-provoking artistic expressions that leave a lasting impact.

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The Real Hackney Dave Biography

Dave Buonaguidi, AKA The Real Hackney Dave, harnesses the techniques of mass communication and propaganda to create playful and evocative statement artworks.

His intention is to forge a connection with his audience directly and to do this he presents assertive, amusing or uplifting phrases, often expressed in strong language which causes an instant reaction.

Working with found materials and images, Dave experiments with the practice of screen printing, exploring what becomes possible when you throw out the rule book. Much of his work is screen printed by hand onto vintage ephemera including photographs, maps, or copper plates so each individual piece has a unique history and narrative. He overlays these, often traditional images, with a huge variety of media including glitter, gold leaf and sprinkles; he has even incorporated pheromone spray into his work, challenging our view of what is possible or acceptable in a piece of artwork. “I love the idea of creativity with a purpose” he says. “There has to be a reaction.”

Dave was born and still lives, of course, in London where he went to art school before setting up a series of successful advertising agencies “in a past life”. This formative experience gave him the inside track on the power of matching up the right words with the right images, and the language and discipline of advertising has a significant role to play in his work. He cites pop art as another major influence, particularly the anarchic décollage of Jamie Reid, along with a vintage propaganda book which he was given by his Italian grandmother.

He is inspired by the stuff of life, politics, media and universal emotions, and wants his art to be like pop music, accessible and democratic - something for everyone to enjoy.

Since turning to art, Dave has exhibited at such prestigious venues as the V&A, the Imperial War Museum and Trento Museum of Modern Art. His collector base is wide and includes some impressive names such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Kate Moss and Henry Golding. He is also involved with a number of charities and has used his work to raise funds for the NHS and the people of Ukraine, as well as closer to home working with London-based charities such as The Tottenham food bank.

“I love to create an emotional connection, so I am inspired by what’s happening in the world, and love to create work that is relevant and personal. I find something that I care about, something that is important to others and then try and create the words that will make it fun and unique. I hope my art can help to create positive change; my personal mantra is: be happy, be generous, make happy.”

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