Miguel Peidro

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Spanish artist Miguel Peidro, where his love for painting and nature seamlessly blend in his radiant reflections on the landscape.

Miguel's artwork is characterized by its vibrant colours and impeccable composition, exuding a luminous quality that beckons us to pause, breathe, and admire the beauty of our surroundings. His paintings serve as a gentle reminder to appreciate the world around us and find solace in its tranquillity.

An element that intrigues Miguel is the transformative power of water within the landscape. He skilfully captures how water reflects light and breathes life into the natural world, adding depth and vitality to his compositions.

Explore our diverse collection of Miguel Peidro paintings and embark on a visual journey that celebrates the harmonious connection between art and nature.

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Miguel Peidro Biography

Miguel Peidro’s passion for painting and nature elegantly intertwine in his radiant meditations on the landscape.

Characterised by vibrant colour and flawless composition, they have a luminous quality which draws us into a place of calm and beauty and reminds us to stop, draw breath, and appreciate the world around us.

Miguel is intrigued by the way in which different elements of nature – a tree in full leaf, a shaft of sunlight, a fast flowing stream - work together to create the exquisite scenes he captures with such affection and skill. Every harmonious scene resonates with his love for his subject, and invites us to share his vision.

A recurring theme in Miguel’s work is reflection and he is particularly intrigued by the impact of water within the landscape. In this collection, lakes, rivers, even pools of water invading a muddy footpath, are explored and we see how they reflect not only the light but also the vitality of the natural world.

Miguel was born in 1950 in Alcoy, Spain. He studied at the Fine Art School in Valencia, learning the techniques of Spanish masters from the Golden Age. He was also privileged to receive five years of training at the private studios of well-known Spanish painters Vincente Noya, Alex Alemany, and Juan Ferri. This valuable experience honed his technique and influenced his style, as well as inspiring him to reach the height of his creative potential.

Miguel’s work has been extensively exhibited and collected throughout Europe, Japan, China and the USA. His paintings can also be found in both private and corporate collections throughout the world.

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