Zhang He

Zhang He

Zhang He pushes the physical and expressive boundaries of abstract oil painting, forging a timeless fusion of traditional and contemporary artistry to win a worldwide audience. He paints instinctively with the canvas flat on the floor which lends a unique dynamic to his work. “I want the viewer to experience their own emotional journey through my work; struggle, passion, happiness and more; all the universal emotions, as my paintings encapsulate these very themes.”

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Zhang He Biography

Celebrated abstract expressionist Zhang He
draws inspiration from nature and the
environment, the changing of the seasons,
human relationships and the cycle of life. His
work represents his personal quest for freedom
through the unrestrained interplay of colours,
brushstrokes, textures, and compositional
harmony, while evoking a powerful emotional
response in others. Since arriving in Canada
in 1998, Zhang He’s artistic journey has been
a profound evolution. Initially exploring semi abstract landscape painting with minimal
texture, he gradually shifted towards an
abstract style through which he could articulate
his vision with confidence and authenticity.
Working in layers of oil on canvas, he becomes
more deeply attuned to the canvas as the
work progresses, allowing the composition to
unfold organically. This sense of animation and
spontaneity allows him to mirror the fleeting
nature of our thoughts and capture the transient
beauty of a passing moment.

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