Discover Wilfred's Captivating Paintings: A Fusion of Culture and Colour.

Experience the vibrant world of colour through Wilfred's captivating paintings. Influenced by his rich cultural experiences, Wilfred's artworks beautifully reflect his life's journey, culminating in a sophisticated city lifestyle that embraces both Eastern and Western influences.

Wilfred's direct and expressive approach to art allows for a seamless coexistence of manmade and natural structures within the spaces he creates. The harmonious balance between these elements is a testament to his artistic vision and skill.

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Wilfred Biography

Controlled yet lyrical explorations of a world of colour.

Wilfred’s paintings reflect his rich cultural experiences on life’s journey which have culminated in stylish city living, and which embrace elements of both Eastern and Western culture. His direct and expressive approach allows manmade and natural structures coexist in perfect harmony within the spaces in which they are placed by the artist. Despite his diverse subject matter, his controlled yet lyrical style runs unmistakably through every cityscape, harbour or abstract piece, and his distinctive juxtapositions and combinations of colour render them uniquely recognisable.

Born in 1954 into an artistic Dutch family living in Shanghai, Wilfred started to paint at the age of seven. After learning Chinese painting techniques from his father, his obvious talent led him on to attend the prestigious Shanghai Art School for five years.

In the early 1970s Wilfred visited China’s Five Great Mountains and this turned out to be a seminal experience for the young art student. They are the most renowned sacred mountains in Chinese history but he visited them more for their natural beauty, and spent many months there peacefully communing with nature and learning how to express it in his paintings.

In 1977 Wilfred took a massive life step by emigrating to Hawaii. The vibrant colours, stunning light and relaxed atmosphere inspired him to move into the world of abstract art and it was here that he began to strive towards a genuine mastery of colour and the technical perfection which are now his most recognisable qualities.

After four years he moved on to Europe and he now divides his time between Amsterdam and Hawaii. His work has been well received all over the world and he has won a variety of awards.

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