Christopher Schulz

Christopher Schulz

Christopher Schulz skilfully merges nature and technology in his captivating and graceful shark sculpture.

Driven by a desire to immerse his audience in a sensory voyage, he encourages us to approach and establish a profound connection with both the creature and the artwork itself.

Schulz characterizes his creations as having an almost Teutonic essence, showcasing refined craftsmanship, technical ingenuity, and a minimalist colour palette. His preferred medium is metal, particularly marine grade stainless steel and bronze, chosen for their inherent value, enduring quality, and archival nature, capable of lasting for thousands of years.

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Christopher Schulz Biography

Christopher Schulz brings nature and technology together in his fearsome yet elegant shark sculpture.

Motivated by an impulse to engage his audience in sensory exploration, he invites us to take a step closer and connect with both animal and artwork on a visceral level.

Schulz describes his work as almost Teutonic in its refinement, technical creativity and minimal use of colour. His medium of choice is metal, mainly marine grade stainless steel and bronze as they carry an intrinsic value and quality as well as being truly archival, lasting for potentially thousands of years.

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