Chris Levine

Chris Levine

Discover the ground-breaking artistry of Chris Levine, a highly acclaimed multi-disciplinary artist known for his innovative exploration of lenticular technology and its transformative power through light and lenses.

One of Levine's most renowned works is the mesmerizing image 'Lightness of Being,' featuring Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Hailed by the National Portrait Gallery as "the most evocative royal image by any artist," this masterpiece showcases Levine's mastery in capturing the essence of his subjects.

With the queen's personal permission for its publication, the image made global headlines, solidifying its status as an iconic representation of our rich royal heritage. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Chris Levine's art and experience the profound impact of his creations.

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Chris Levine Biography

Multi-disciplinary artist Chris Levine is internationally acclaimed for his pioneering multimedia pieces which explore the multidimensional possibilities of lenticular technology, using lens and light to transform and reveal their subject.

His most famous work is his ground-breaking image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, ‘Lightness of Being’ which was described by the National Portrait Gallery as “The most evocative royal image by any artist.”

When the queen gave her personal permission for it to be published, it made headlines all over the world and has become an iconic part of our royal heritage. Discover Chris Levine art.

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