Charles Patrick

Charles Patrick

The artistry of Charles Patrick resides in the intersection of the physical and digital realms, seamlessly blending nostalgia with modernity in captivating and immersive creations.

Patrick draws inspiration from vintage elements such as comics, outdated maps, currency, and children's books, intricately crafting delicate paper butterflies. These meticulously cut designs harmonize with clean, pixelated aesthetics that resonate with the immediate and universal language of the contemporary digital era.

The butterfly, a central symbol in Patrick's works, prompts contemplation of beauty, symmetry, and ephemerality, while also evoking notions of transformation and renewal.

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Charles Patrick Biography

The work of Charles Patrick inhabits the space between the tangible and the digital worlds, bringing together nostalgia and modernity in his rich and fascinating works.

While he uses vintage ephemera such as comics, obsolete maps and currency or old children’s books as the source for his intricately cut paper butterflies, his clean, pixelated designs conjure the universal immediacy of contemporary visual language – the language of the digital age.

His choice of the butterfly to be the symbolic heart of each work encourages us to reflect not only on beauty, symmetry and transience, but also on the concepts of transformation and rebirth.

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