Anna Gammans

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Anna Gammans art, where she skilfully captures the breath-taking beauty and dynamic atmosphere of stunning harbour locations illuminated by vibrant sunsets.

Renowned for her artistic prowess, Anna Gammans creates original paintings that exude energy and emotion, showcasing the environment in a rich spectrum of radiant and dramatic colours. These highly coveted artworks are treasured by collectors worldwide. For those seeking to own a piece of Anna Gammans' artistry, we offer a selection of signed prints that faithfully capture the essence of her originals.

Explore our landscape collections and discover the inspiring portfolio of Anna Gammans, an artist whose work will transport you to enchanting coastal vistas. Immerse yourself in the beauty of her creations and find the perfect addition to your art collection. Browse our Anna Gammans artist portfolio today.

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Upcoming Event

Upcoming Event

Come and Meet Anna Gammans

The new exhibition from British contemporary artist Anna Gammans is a painterly study of beginnings and endings. A selection of the artist’s much-loved sunset scenes is complemented by a dazzling collection of abstract works which represent the dawn of an exciting new style; both series of works are inspired by the colours and movement of the sky. Anna will personally unveil a mesmerising abstract centrepiece and will personally dedicate any artwork purchased at the event.
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Introducing Anna Gammans

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Anna Gammans Biography

Uniquely vibrant and emotional landscapes.

Anna’s creative reconstructions of the landscape capture the beauty and dynamism of stunning harbour locations bathed by vivid sunsets. It is the grouping of colours in a scene that initially attracts her and this visual harmony compels her to create her own image in response. Each vibrant piece portrays the energy and emotion of the environment with what the artist describes as “exploding skies” which release a whole spectrum of radiant and dramatic colours.

Anna paints intuitively, using an array of tools including brushes, sponges, palette knives and even her hands, letting her instinct take over. She has become increasingly dedicated to oils as her main medium, spending a great deal of time learning how they behave and can be manipulated. She does mix her media to a degree, using spray paint, metallic acrylic paints and inks to add interest and texture to some of her works.

Influenced by her artist mother from a young age, Anna gradually began to develop a creative response to her surroundings. Works from impressionist masters such as Turner and Matisse, the expressive style and vivid palette of Joanne Corno, and David Downton’s effortless fashion illustrations also helped her to find her unique style and to balance the concepts of free expression with the more formal elements of composition and line.

Anna has exhibited in various galleries in London, Cambridge and York. She has gained international recognition for her work with Saatchi and in the summer of 2014, she worked on a high profile interior design project with DAPA and Berkeley Homes at One Tower Bridge. Most recently, she completed a commission for the University of York commemorating the History department's 50th anniversary.

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