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Clarendon Fine Art is pleased to announce the opening of a new gallery in Battersea Power Station, London’s luxury lifestyle destination on the banks of the Thames.

Specialising in modern and contemporary art, this vibrant art space is situated in the iconic Turbine Hall, and will showcase originals, limited editions and sculpture from a carefully curated international portfolio of big-name artists and emerging talents.

Since opening its flagship gallery in the heart of Mayfair in 2010, Clarendon has built a reputation as the nation’s most dynamic gallery group offering a rich and multi-disciplinary portfolio of art to seasoned and emerging art collectors. The Group now has more than 75 art galleries across the UK and is the official gallery partner of Sky Arts, Cunard and The Dali Universe.

Clarendon has a particular expertise in 20th century works from artists including Picasso, Miro, Warhol and Hockney, and in cutting edge pop, street and experimental art from Europe and the US. Highlights of the current portfolio include originals and investment pieces from Mr. Brainwash, Christian Hook, Fabian Perez and Danielle O’Connor Akiyama, signed limited editions from The Connor Brothers and a broad collection of sculpture for both interior and exterior display.

Clarendon has forged a unique position amongst the nation’s art galleries over the last 12 years. Offering a more personal and bespoke experience of buying art in a gallery setting where both emotional response and informed dialogue play an important part, they have made their galleries stand out in three key areas.

Firstly, while many successful galleries are primarily focused on investment, Clarendon views investment potential as just one of the elements that makes art a valuable asset. CEO Helen Swaby says: “Our intention is to connect collectors with the right piece of art for them, although the high calibre of the artists we represent and the quality of the portfolio means much of the work will appreciate in price regardless.”

Secondly, unlike those galleries which are guided almost entirely by trends and offer a portfolio which is heavily weighted in one or another direction, Clarendon treads more lightly through the world of phases and fashions, absorbing and reflecting them as part of their broader approach.

Finally, Clarendon has made it its mission to demystify and democratise high end art collecting, advocating the message that art is genuinely for everyone. Their team of art advisors is ever willing to explore the idea of art for pleasure, investment, or both, offering consultations both within the gallery setting and in homes or workplaces of clients.

The new gallery’s programme of shows and events will begin with a mixed exhibition to demonstrate the breadth of the portfolio that Clarendon is bringing to Battersea. This will include new works from global street art star Mr. Brainwash, alongside some of the 20th century pop art classics that have inspired his eye-catching work.

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