Jennifer Hogwood

Jennifer Hogwood

Discover the captivating artwork of Jennifer Hogwood, a talented artist whose deep love for animals has been a constant source of inspiration throughout her career. Jennifer resides on the picturesque and remote island of Tiree, located off the breath-taking west coast of Scotland. It is within this serene environment that she finds endless inspiration from the mesmerizing beauty of the sea, sky, cliffs, weather, and the abundant wildlife that surrounds her.

Tiree, the westernmost isle in the Inner Hebrides, spans a mere 12 miles in length and three miles in width. Its compact size only adds to its charm and allure, offering a unique backdrop for Jennifer's artistic creations.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Jennifer Hogwood as she captures the essence of nature and wildlife through her evocative and expressive artwork.

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Jennifer Hogwood Biography

Jennifer Hogwood has a love of animals which has informed and inspired her work for many years. Living in Tiree, a beautiful remote island off the west coast of Scotland, Jennifer is constantly overwhelmed by the beauty of the sea, sky, cliffs, weather and of course the wildlife.

The most westerly isle in the Inner Hebrides, Tiree stands at only 12 miles long and three miles wide. Isolated and tranquil, it boats a stunning coastline of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Spending every day in such close proximity to the ocean has raised Jen’s awareness of environmental issues and has brought home to her the fragility of the natural world. This has influenced her path and her work reflects her love for our precious landscape and the wildlife that inhabits it.

“We wanted a lifestyle that offered space, wilderness and a relaxed attitude towards life. I have been so inspired by the colours, wildlife and ocean that surrounds me here…I am transfixed by the light and movement found in nature. Big storms, stunning summers days, the beauty and brutality. I never stop thinking about it.”

Jen grew up in a rural village where horses, riding and dogs became her first loves. These early experiences sparked her passion for animals and the natural world. Since then she has moved regularly, living across all corners of the UK, always gravitating towards coastal locations before settling on Tiree. “I am innately restless, my mind is constantly generating new ideas, new ways to apply paint, new subjects to capture.”

It is on Tiree that Jen finds much of her inspiration thanks to its endless skies, beautiful seas and ever evolving weather. From the island she is able to observe Highland Cattle as well as marine life from seals to dolphins, whales and even the occasional shark…if she looks up the skies are full of birds; everything from geese and oyster catchers to arctic terns and gannets. Waking up to air that has a hint of the sea and falling asleep to the sound of waves in the distance creates a peaceful and idyllic environment from which to paint and draw.

Her most recent collections feature an exotic array of creatures portrayed in a fabulous range of monochromes, colours, styles and finishes. Jennifer uses a stunning range of materials to embellish her pieces with, such as diamond dust and gold leaf. This increases the impact of these bold centrepiece paintings, and as she comments, “gives these wonderful animals the attention they deserve”

‘This is such a beautiful place to live and work, I find inspiration everywhere from stormy seas and rock pools to mesmerising horizons and sunrises. This island really is a dream.’

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