Nick Veasey

Nick Veasey art is uniquely innovative and strangely lyrical. Nick x-rays his subjects, stripping away the layers of everyday life to reveal the beauty within. Focusing on anything from a person reading a newspaper to car or plane, he seamlessly combines engineering, science and photography to create powerful and intriguing images which have won him over 50 awards.  Explore our full range of Nick Veasey x-ray art below and contact us to find out more about his remarkable work.

Nick Veasey Artist Information

Nick Veasey Artist Biography Image
Nick Veasey Artist Biography Image


Nick Veasey is a man who sees the world in X-ray vision. X-ray is a spectrum of light invisible to the human eye and harnessing it produces a magical insight. From a bridal couple to items of clothing and large machinery, his work has integrity and honesty as it shows items for what they really are. Stripping away the layers of everyday life to reveal an often-surprising beauty, his cutting-edge techniques challenges society’s obsession with the superficial by using x-rays to of everyday objects and show what they are really like under the surface. He delves inside objects to discover what things are really made of, often using metaphor to allude to the prevalence of surveillance in modern society. Fascinated by the inner workings of everyday items, Nick details every aspect of a subject, exposing all to the human eye. His art seamlessly combines elements of engineering, science and photography to achieve powerful and intriguing results.

Each piece tells a unique story, inspired by true events or personal experiences, they resonate with Nick’s mantra of “inside we are all the same” and evince a powerful emotional response from viewers. Believing there is always more than meets the eye, he exposes his subject from the inside out and captures beauty in its mechanical workings, creating an expressive new dimension to the concept of fine art. Inspired by the floral radiographs of the photographer and scientist Albert G. Richards, Nick has X-rayed everything from Christmas trees to the fashion designs of Alexander McQueen. Most famously, Nick created a life-size rendition of a Boeing 777 jet airliner using over 1,000 separate X-rays, which subsequently featured on the side of a hangar for United Airlines.