Clarendon Fine Art believe in the joy of collecting and love nothing more than sharing that passion with others.

We are committed to highlighting the finest national and international artists and introducing exceptional contemporary art to established and emerging collectors. Our CEO Helen Swaby founded the business after becoming disillusioned at her experience of purchasing artwork from Mayfair galleries and made it her mission to make purchasing art an accessible and inspiring experience for all.

Our first gallery opened in London in 2010, gracing an elegant space on Mayfair's Dover Street, and Clarendon Fine Art now has over 80 galleries in the UK with plans to expand internationally. We ship artwork all over the world and can assist you no matter where you would like your art delivered.

Our team of gallery specialists work with you to understand your lifestyle, passions, and tastes; be it for a memorable occasion, a special person, as an investment or simply because you have fallen in love with a particularly exceptional piece.

From initial consultation through to our home approval service, the team at Clarendon Fine Art are here to support and inspire you on your art journey now, and for years to come.

Why choose Clarendon Fine Art?

Our galleries

Our beautiful galleries in hand-picked locations showcase an award-winning portfolio of contemporary classics, modern masterpieces, statement street art and stunning sculpture. Our expert teams have often studied art or are artists themselves and have an exceptional understanding of the art world and our catalogue of artists and their portfolios.

Constantly updated with the most interesting, diverse, and exciting artistic talent, our teams are ready to help you find your perfect piece.

With an exciting and diverse programme of events, our galleries offer not only the opportunity to learn more about our artists and their portfolio but also to be part of our passionate community of art enthusiasts and like-minded individuals.


Our artists

From original and investment pieces from Fabian Perez, Mr. Brainwash and Danielle O’Connor Akiyama, to signed limited editions from Dan Pearce and The Connor Brothers, and rare museum quality pieces from Hockney or Picasso, these are just a few highlights of our show-stopping autumn collections.

With exclusive and early access to some of the most exciting artistic talent globally, many of our artists are widely known in the art world and represent investment opportunities.

Our expertise

We create a bespoke inspirational journey through the art world and accompany you every step of the way. From contacting the artists' studios to help source your artwork, to assisting with commissions and bespoke framing, our galleries will be with you to ensure the most personal and unique piece of artwork.

Once you’ve purchased your piece, our team will continue to deliver exceptional service and ensure you’re completely satisfied with your experience.

Discover Featured Artists

Original Artwork

As an authentic work of art that has been created first hand by the artist, an original is the ultimate collector’s item. Across the whole spectrum of styles and genres and from the classic oil painting to the ultra-modern mixed media, these unique pieces represent an exciting investment opportunity in terms of finance, culture and quality of life.

Collectable editions

We are proud to have an unrivalled selection of limited editions in our portfolio, adding a whole new layer of possibility to the concept of art collecting. These faithful representations combine the skills of Britain’s finest printmakers and most consummate embellishers to capture the essence of the artist’s original work.


Artwork is not just intended for walls. Sculpture can enhance and enrich your home, office or even garden, and is becoming more widely collected across the UK . An increasing number of contemporary artists are producing exciting and innovative work in three dimensions, and we have built a well-rounded collection ranging from powerful original life studies to engaging character pieces.

Discover Featured 20th Century Artists

As well as introducing our new and experienced collectors to the most exciting UK and international contemporary artists, Clarendon Fine Art specialises in the work of the great modern masters, including L.S. Lowry, Pablo Picasso, David Hockney, Marc Chagall, William Russell Flint, Joan Miro and Henry Moore.

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Every Clarendon Fine Art gallery is entirely bespoke and individual, reflecting and enhancing its community in styling, artwork, and atmosphere.




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