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Mr Brainwash exclusive collection at Clarendon Fine Art


We are delighted to have acquired a superb range of original works and three exclusive editions from the artist described by Banksy as “a force of nature”. Mr Brainwash exploded onto the LA scene in 2008.  His debut show, Life is Beautiful, transformed a cavernous disused TV studio into a street art spectacular which attracted over 50,000 visitors, making it the most visited private exhibition in history. By the end of the first week his sales had reached almost $1m, he was on the cover of LA Weekly and the original five day exhibition had been extended to run for three months. Overnight, Mr Brainwash, AKA Thierry Guetta, a previously unknown French street artist, had become what Banksy described as “a phenomenon”. His witty and irreverent juxtapositions use  his ‘tags’ - recurring characters ranging from Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein to ‘Balloon Girl’ and ‘the Positive Monkey’ - to create positivity, nostalgia and fun; “Art”, he says, “should never be serious.” The backdrops for these characters frequently reference his favourite musicians, film producers, comic book characters and famous artworks, paying homage to Warhol, Haring, Banksy, Basquiat and more. Multi-layered, both literally and metaphorically, his work is an orchestrated collision of street art and pop art that has challenged cultural norms and made him a legend. Please contact your local gallery to acquire a piece.

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