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Introducing the spectacular street art on canvas of Dom Pattinson


We are delighted to introduce the stunning visual statements of Dom Pattinson. Although he creates his exhilarating works on canvas, Dom is a street artist at heart. As a student, he spent time living in the then Soviet Union and Northern Ireland and was impressed and influenced by the way public and wall art seemed to create a dialogue with the viewer, and ultimately, offer them “a more positive outlook on a world that is in turmoil.” Entertaining and thought provoking, his work include stencil patterns, a pastel palette contrasted with bold black lines, and extravagant splashes of colour. Using spray paint, collage and acrylics, he alternates between strict stencilling and loose over painting, which gives each work great energy, immediacy and fluidity. He also has the street-artist’s penchant for wordplay and his wit and wisdom often sheds light on his attitudes and beliefs.

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