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Introducing Harry Skeggs


The enthralling wildlife photography of Harry Skeggs originates in his reverence for the natural world, and his desire to conserve it and those who live within it. He blends fine art and curiosity to empower reflection and change, using his camera to create a truthful and compelling narrative of freedom and hope. His insight, creativity and immense talent have won him awards, acclaim, and praise from the most revered voices working in the world of wildlife: as one of the greatest photographers of our time recently commented: “Harry couples work ethic and manners with intelligence and humility...keep an eye out for him, his star will rise. He is certainly a far more accomplished wildlife photographer than I was at his age” (David Yarrow). At the heart of Harry's work is the belief that the photographer, not the camera, makes a photograph, so he never uses props or contraptions to get him in position, but relies instead on an intimate knowledge of and respect for wildlife. His ethical approach, as well as his unrelenting commitment to conservation charities, means that hanging his work is truly part of the environmental solution, not the problem.

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