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Awakening The new collection from Mila Alexander


This eloquent collection of paintings was inspired by the profound changes that are taking place in our world, and by a sense of connection to the universe, nature and moments of peace and stillness.Mila has chosen to portray her muses in a meditative state, representing the more serene relationship that she felt we forged with nature over spring 2020 when humanity took a step back and the planet drew breath. For the first time, she felt a desire to introduce elements of nature into her paintings. She titled the collection  ‘Awakening’ as both a description of the time we are living in, and an expression of optimism, hope that we are waking up to the importance of nature, beauty and contemplation after a long collective sleep. She has also included some magical elements throughout the works, simply she says because we need it right now.

If you missed it earlier Watch Mila LIVE, as she completes the beautiful portrait she began in our previous live feed on 20th August 2020.

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Watch Mila's LIVE Release of 'Awakening'