Peter Horvath

Peter Horvath

Experience the captivating artistry of Peter Horvath, an artist whose work is deeply influenced by the décollage movement of the 1960s, particularly the Nouveau Réalistes Mimmo Rotella and Jacques Villeglé.

Through his artistic process, Peter Horvath skilfully deconstructs and recontextualizes imagery, drawing inspiration from both personal and found materials. His artwork reflects the fragmented nature of modern life, which has become a collage of consumer products and cultural references.

Using a diverse array of mediums including street ephemera, movie posters, photographs, ink, acrylic, and spray paint, Peter Horvath creates densely layered assemblage portraits. Each artwork is a captivating reflection of his fascination with media, consumption, and contemporary iconography.

Discover the captivating world of Peter Horvath art and explore his portfolio of thought-provoking and visually stunning artworks.

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Introducing Peter Horvath

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Peter Horvath Biography

In his collage imbued mixed media assemblages, Peter Horvath invokes an improvisational jazz like visual cacophony, deconstructing and recontextualizing imagery drawn from personal and found materials.

Merging street ephemera, movie posters, photographs, ink, acrylic and spray paint, his densely layered assemblage portraits reflect his fascination with media consumption, cultural icons, urban decay and modern day culture.

Influenced by the décollage of the 1960s Nouveau Réalistes Mimmo Rotella and Jacques Villeglé, his work focuses on deconstructing and recontextualising imagery, drawing from personal and found materials and showing how life has itself become an assemblage of consumer products and cultural reference.

Using imagery of friends, family and celebrated public figures, Horvath obscures his central characters with peeling, torn paper fragments and paint, frenetically surrounding a stilled subject. "When I began making these works I considered how we have become a society obsessed with aging, clinging to, and in pursuit of our emblems of youth. The images of the people I choose for these portraits have a strength and vitality - I place them among the wreckage of crumbling, entropic elements - suggesting nothing lasts for ever.”

Horvath describes his influences as “urban decay, old adverts, old peeling billboards, and the flotsam and jetsam of consumer culture.” Alongside this is his admiration of figures including Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, Francis Bacon, and the Berlin Dadaists Hannah Hoch and John Heartfield.

His work is included in numerous permanent and private collections internationally, including the Nion McEvoy collection, the Art Gallery of Hamilton’s permanent collection, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. He has exhibited in museums and galleries globally, including the Rise Art Prize Exhibition (London), the Whitney Museum Of American Art‘s Artport (NYC), Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo (Mexico City), the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (Québec City) and FILE International Festival (São Paulo, Brazil).

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