Lucy Pratt


A major new force in British contemporary art

Lucy is one of the most celebrated artistic discoveries of recent times and has been the subject of many successful shows in the USA, the Far East and London. Her uniquely vibrant and technically accomplished paintings have made a significant impact at the Royal Academy’s prestigious Summer Exhibition for three years, an enviable accolade that has brought her to the notice of critics and collectors.

Her personal passions are all in evidence in her work which is underpinned by a gentle sense of humour and a slightly whimsical take on a life which mirrors her own: brimming with adventure, travel, people and places.

Lucy’s versatility embraces landscapes, still life and coastal scenes, all with equal vitality.

Each painterly work resounds with colour, light and sheer joie de vivre, seeking out and capturing the particular joy of a given moment in a way that is both utterly enchanting and irresistibly infectious.

Lucy Pratt media