The Art Of The Icon

The Art of the Icon is a  new exhibition of celebrity portraiture from leading contemporary artists. Alongside such established names as Craig Alan and Sir Peter Blake, we are proud to introduce the work of Polish artist Altus to Mayfair. His hyper-realist portrayals of the legends of our time capture both the beauty and frailty of human nature, urging us to look at these familiar faces from a whole new perspective.

Since the mid 20th century, the faces of the great and the good have become as familiar to us as the faces of our own friends and families. While many of these celebrities and characters come and go, the select few last the test of time and eventually achieve the status of icons – in other words, they are worshipped. This veneration of popular icons has become a huge part of contemporary art, with some of our greatest and most exciting artists creating homages to their own favourite legends of our time. Clarendon Fine Art is proud to have drawn together this new exhibition of mesmerising iconic portraiture from a remarkable group of artists.

The Art of the icon is in the gallery now.