Jonathan Truss sailing on board

Two time winner: BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year Frozen Planet category

Jonathan is acclaimed the world over for his stunning images of animals painted on location in the wild. His paintings and drawings grace the walls of private residences and corporations from Botswana to Beverly Hills, demonstrating the broad appeal of both his style and his subject. His enthusiasm for the animals he portrays, from the delightful to the downright dangerous, and his never ending exciting trail for new ideas extends to annual trips, camping in the incredible game parks of Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. He has conducted art safaris in Africa, India and South America and his appearances on the BBC showing his daring escapades under water painting sharks caused a sensation - and this is just one of his many swashbuckling tales of adventure! Supporting the conservation of many endangered species, Jonathan has raised thousands of pounds for wildlife causes selling his work through major auction houses, including Christies and Sotheby's.