Fabian Perez sailing on board

Winner: Academy of Italian Artists Artist of the Year 2014

Fabian’s powerful and virtuosic compositions have brought figurative artwork to the forefront of the international art world. His painting and sculptures are characterized by a passionate narrative style and an intoxicating atmosphere, both of which originate in his fascinating and unusual background. Fabian’s extraordinary upbringing, philosophical views and emotional integrity have all had a positive impact on his work, and have combined with his unique talent to create a genuinely formidable artistic force. Fabian’s international status has been confirmed many times, most recently when he was named as 2014 Master of Contemporary Art (Art Tour International Magazine). He was Official Artist to the Latin Grammy Awards and Official Artist to the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010, and his famous collectors include, Sugar Ray Leonard, John Bishop, Lionel Messi. Rihanna and Pope Francis. He has been the subject of three major hardback books cataloguing and celebrating his extraordinary life and work.