A Private View With Vincent Kamp

7:00pm - 9:00pm

We are privileged to welcome you to come and view an exhibition of artwork by artist Vincent Kamp in Clarendon Fine Art Richmond 15th November.

Vincent’s arresting portraits are built on the assumption that society will always identify with rebels and the gritty underground world of urban subculture. For his latest work he has travelled around the UK visiting barber shops and events to gather material in a setting which transcends social class and makes everyone feel like ‘one of the boys’. These mesmerising oil paintings evoke emotion, fascination and intrigue about both the backstory and the future of a character. He seeks out moments of tension, and explains: “My paintings are all quite dark, subtle and intense. I’m always imagining there’s something surreptitious going on in a perfectly innocent situation.”
Contact the gallery to reserve your places on the guestlist, 020 8439 9118.